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Although Taipei may be more well-known and have more buzz and excitement, Tainan City is certainly the food capital of Taiwan. Many of the country's dishes have their roots firmly in Tainan's past. It is Taiwan's oldest city and has built a vast repertoire of delicious street snacks and local delicacies. It is commonly known as the city of snacks, and people from all over flock there to sample the delights. Much of the food comes on small plates, which means you can sample an awful lot in one sitting! Tainan's position in the south means that many of the dishes are much sweeter, due to the fact that it was once at the center of sugar production.

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The best food in Tainan

There are literally thousands of dishes and snacks to try from your favouite takeaway in Tainan city, some of the best food in Taiwan includes Coffin Bread, which is a thick slice of fried toast filled with chicken and vegetables covered in a curry or mushroom sauce. The beef soup served with stands of ginger is delicious and only uses fresh beef. Danzai noodles, noodles in a broth with shrimp and minced pork. This dish has been going since 1895 and is one of the staples of the city.

Best Restaurants in city

Some of the best restaurants in Tainan City include:

  • Bamboo hand made mala, 竹間手作麻辣燙, which is a wonderful place that sells skewers with shrimp, bean curd, pork or chicken, be sure to adjust the amount of spice you want in your dish.
  • The Flavor of India, 品•印度 (台南永福店) serves a whole host of Indian dishes, curries, rice, breads and rolls.
  • N.V.Pizza serves pizzas and a range of Italian delicacies, including focaccia and ciabatta breads. Selamat datang 馬來西亞料理, has fried fish eggs balls, steamed chicken, fragrant rice and a variety of drinks on its menu.
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