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European and American food is a wide area! There's everything from gourmet French food, to delicious Italian pasta, and wonderful burgers from America too. There's also wonderful customs like English afternooon tea, or French patisserie to enjoy. With all the multi cultural influences in Taipei, you're also never far from restaurants near me which specialise in whatever Western food you want to order. So, why not take a look at foodpanda's extensive pages and try something different. How about Spanish Tapas, Mexican Burritos or Cajun Chicken?

Food delivery of American food and French food to wherever you want

There's a wide range of food to try from the West and from Europe, and foodpanda delivers to all areas of Taipei, so enjoy yourself and try a few places. Some Western food is great for parties and some is wonderful for intimate romantic dining, like French cuisine. Whatever your ideas, come on a look around what's on offer:

  • ★At the 'Sunny Cafe', they have a great selection of burgers, chicken, pizza and finger foods to try, which are good for eating at parties, or on the run.
  • ★At the simply named, ' NE 2F'cafe, they have some delicious Italian Pasta dishes which are good for a friendly lunch with your partner.
  • ★At 'Zoca Pizza', you can get traditionally made Italian Pizzas. Try the 'Venezia' which has delicious seafood and garlic for a tasty, stylish treat.
  • Food delivery with foodpanda for all restaurants near me

    The great thing about foodpanda is that they do delivery to nearly all areas of the city. The app is also super powerful, and easy to use, so anytime you are hungry, you can call up food within the hour from most places, less from some. You can also get your order sent to your home, your office or even your friends house, or a nearby park if you're out for the day!You'll also find a lot of quality restaurants and cafes on foodpanda's pages, so it's not just useful for everyday food. Try using them for a dinner party, you can also order ahead too which makes life easy!

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