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Are you wondering what makes Vietnamese food so unique? Most of the dishes contain a brilliant balance of the sweet, salt, and sour flavours. The food has an interesting Chinese influence as seen in their noodle based soups and stir-fries. The French influence can be seen in the banh mi sandwich and the pho noodle soup which is an interesting blend of rice noodles and meat broths. So whether you want the spicy fried rice or a delicious stuffed crepe (banh xeo) in Taipei you can now enjoy the food delivery of these specialities in your own city.

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One can order food from various restaurants in this amazing city. Get Business lunch set or Hot Pot Set and relish the nutritious Herbal chicken soup, rice noodles and vegetables. THANH-KY is a popular noodle restaurant in Taipei from where you can order your favourite meal of rice noodles, spring rolls, hot and sour seafood, beef stew and more. Enjoy an elaborate meal of rice, spring rolls and pho noodle soup for dinner or settle for a baguette (banh mi roll) filled with grilled pork, sardines or fish patties along with pickled carrots, cilantro and other vegetables for a quick lunch.

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Have you longed for a change from your regular food but were too lazy to dine out or pick it up? Then it’s time to order Vietnamese food with a few clicks and get it delivered at your table. Whether you order Bun Cha, a delectable broth of noodles with tender beef, or pho fried noodles, you will be comforted by the aromatic spices and flavours. All the dishes are prepared with freshly sourced ingredients to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Order online and discover a choice of restaurants offering quick food delivery. Take your own time to browse the menu online and find new dishes and new tastes every day. If you are confused what to choose, make an informed choice by looking at customer reviews and ratings. Most of the restaurants accept cash on delivery or you can also pay online. Use the foodpanda app on your mobile and check out deals and discounts from restaurants in your area. Place your order online and sit back and wait for the meal to be delivered to you.

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