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Whoever said that a taste of the best and most authentic sushi requires a trip to Japan may have just missed the facts. With proud origins in Japan and developed on the basis of fermentation, rice and salt as a means of preservation, this fresh raw fish based craft has managed to make it through to today's day and age without losing the essence of its roots. Today - whether closer to the original tradition or entering the realm of fusion with the introduction of new ingredients, techniques and flavours - the pureness of fresh fish, rice, seaweed and even egg is still there, ready to be savoured by the most eccentric of enthusiasts!

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Common to all elements of this cuisine, rice has persisted as core ingredient over the centuries. Cooked on a special cooker together with an essential mix composed of rice vinegar, it is later brought to cool down to then be gently spread out and settle for a good couple of hours. Not to worry - your chef will have done this during the early morning hours, making sure that your Nigiri and Hosomaki are nice and tight, with their rice at its best point. While the importance of rice is in no way to be dismissed, the quality, freshness and type of fish have to be said to make for the most exquisite of experiences. Whether it be the more traditional and noble tuna, bream or salmon roe, or the equally precious mackerel and eel, there is an endless sea of flavour and taste to be had and enjoyed over or within each different piece.

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