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If anything has to be named as one consensual, delicious and authentic dish appreciated over the years by a vast majority of people all over the world, this has to be it! With origins dating back to the neolithic age, this strikingly simple - yet not so easy to master - speciality has really made a reputation for itself over the centuries. Not very different to what is known and appreciated today, this Italian speciality originated from the will to provide bread with a richer and more satisfying mix of flavours, by placing several ingredients over it. Meanwhile, towards the end of the 18th century in Naples, tomato sauce was introduced for the first time over the already existent form of flat bread known as focaccia, opening way to the speciality we know and so dearly crave for today.

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Whether you prefer to stick to tradition and go for the good old Margherita or have the tendency to be experimental when it comes to savouring this speciality with all types of ingredients over it, you can be sure to find and get what you are looking for in Taipei. Let alone pizza, you can also please any other desire for Italian food, as most of the restaurants listed offer a long roll of equally fresh and steaming hot specialities on the menu!

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