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From inexpensive street provisions to stylish high-end dining, New Taipei City offers a lot of authentic Japanese fare to satisfy everybody’s tastes. Through the years, the city has enlarged its provision of international cookery, counting a growing assortment of sushi and Japanese food delivery. For a feel of Japanese food in the heart of New Taipei City, you can order sushi online from a foodpanda restaurant and have it delivered fresh and sizzling hot.

The best restaurants in New Taipei city to order sushi online

Taipei, the Taiwanese capital, has around 20 streets devoted to food. Whenever you think you have found the finest or the most fantastic eating place, there is another Taiwanese restaurant that outshines it. Some of the popular restaurants in Taipei city that offer Japanese food delivery includes the following; Toutouan, Mitsui Cuisine and Yun Sushi Just to mention a few

  • Toutouan: Recognised for the kaiseki-style meal, a typical Japanese dish comprising of several courses, Toutouan is an ideal alternative for couples and small groups. The elegant unfussiness of the eatery is reflected in the artistic presentation of its sumptuous dishes.

  • Mitsui Cuisine: With numerous spots all over the city, the celebrated Mitsui Cuisine is a well-liked darling of Taipei’s cookery scene. Each place has its unique ornamental style, from a cool zen theme to an impressive gothic-style interior complete with mirrors and chandeliers. Established in 1992 as a response to Taipei’s partial Japanese dining alternatives, the restaurant chain is famous for its omakase sets, which are meals chosen by the chef. The menu comprises a variety of other meal sets, plus premium sake and European and Australian wines.

  • Yun Sushi: Founded in 2014, Yun Sushi is an excellent, contemporary sushi tavern in Daan District. The modest exterior and comfortable ambience make the sushi bar a pearl among Taipei’s busy streets. Callers can seat where they observe the chefs cooking. Meal sets comprise of fresh sushi, cooked dishes and sashimi all of which differ according to the chef’s option for that particular day. The eating place opens each day apart from Sunday.

Ordering Japanese food delivery with foodpanda

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