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India is a varied and diverse country with many different kinds of influences. Their cuisine has been developed over thousands of years, and it one of the world's oldest and loveliest cuisines. Full of healthy spices and wonderful ingredients, the food is also very different according to region. There's rich curries from the north, made from lamb, beef and chicken. Then from the south there's lots more coconut influences, and delicious fish curries and lighter sauces. They also have wonderful breads like Chapattis and Naan, which make great bases for fast food.

Restaurants near me which do food delivery

There's lots of choice of restaurants near me which serve Indian food wherever you are in the city. So, check out foodpanda's pages for a few ideas and plan out your next meal. It's great for a friendly celebration, or family gathering, or even for a filling dinner mid week, and there's some great places that cater for all these types of dining. So check out the list below for inspiration and enjoy!

  • At, 'Dazzle Indian Curry' cafe, try the, 'Butter Chicken' curry, which is a milder, rich curry, great for those not used to this cuisine. They also have wide range of delicious vegetarian food too.
  • At, 'Mayur India Kitchen', try the set menu. It's a good way to enjoy a balanced meal with all the spicy trimmings, and share it with friends!
  • At the 'Thali' they have a great range of sundries, but also some good Tandoori options, which are great for entertaining, and big dinners.

Food delivery all over Taipei, when you want

The great thing about foodpanda is that they cover most of Taipei, so if you fancy Tandoori or a Biryani from a restaurant near me, it's never more than a few clicks away. Also, download the app, and it's even faster! So, whether you're ordering from across the city, or from the restaurant next door, foodpanda deliver in around an hour, sometimes less. Or if you want to order a feast, just order ahead and your dinner will arrive exactly when you've specified. No stress, just great food.

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