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Ordering Chinese from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Treat yourself to a Chinese food delivery with foodpanda and you'll soon be tucking into the world's most popular most type of cuisine. There are various regional styles to choose from and the best-known include Cantonese, Sichuan, Shandong and Jiangsu. You'll also find tasty variations like dim sim featured on our foodpanda website. Classic dishes like sweet and sour pork or chicken in black bean sauce served with freshly-steamed rice always go down well. Ring the changes with spicy Sichuan dishes like kung pao pork or opt for tasty hotpot or steamboat dishes next time you order online.

Order from the best/ most popular Chinese restaurants in New Taipei city

New Taipei City is home to some of the region's best Chinese restaurants. From street food style cookery to upscale Chinese cuisine based on the eight great culinary traditions, there are dishes for every occasion.

  • Hot - order from Hot when you want a tasty snack that combines the best of street style cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients. On the menu, you'll find delicious meat and vegetable platters that are ideal for sharing. The big platter for ten is a great choice for families or dinner with friends and includes a selection of popular favourites like beef tendon, jelly balls, quail eggs, king oyster mushroom, beef shank, beef tripe, bean curd and tofu. Or, try a platter of seasonal vegetable with noodles, king oyster mushrooms, steamed bean curd roll and other tasty treats.

  • Full House - looking for the delicious hot pot dishes that have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past few years? Then Full House is just the ticket. Sometimes known as 'steamboat' cuisine, dishes are steamed in one pot and you can choose from an extensive selection of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, rice and noodles.

  • Lukang - soups, ribs and noodles served just the way you like them. This popular restaurant offers a huge range of traditional and street style dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Ideal for that working lunch or family dinner.

How to order online with foodpanda

It's simple to book a Chinese food delivery on our foodpanda website whether you want a mid-day snack for one or a special meal for a party of ten. Just click on the restaurant of your choice and order from the menu. Pay safely and securely and your delicious meal will soon arrive at your door.

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