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Ordering a drinks delivery in Taichung just got easier thanks to foodpanda's food and drink platform. If you're thirsty or you need a caffeine boost, Taichung is a great place to be, and we've gathered together listings for all of the city's finest drinks retailers. There are bubble tea houses, smoothie specialists, American-style shake mixers and plenty of incredible places to order coffee online. So don't leave your desk or apartment. Let foodpanda do the work for you.

Check Out the Best Places for a Drinks Delivery in Taichung

Do you need to order a batch of gourmet coffees for a big work meeting? Or are you in need of a nutritious, delicious fruit juice after an evening workout? If so, foodpanda has everything you need. We've tried all of Taichung's drinks specialists and come up with a massive selection of options. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 愛徊味果汁: Small but hugely popular, 愛徊味果汁 offers a menu crammed with delectable drinks. Alongside a range of creatively mixed fruit juices, our favourites include their lemon sodas with butterfly pea flowers and ginger milk teas, which are great for the digestion. And their banana milks with Oreos are perfect if you've got a sweet tooth.

  • Juice How: If you feel in need of some vitamins and minerals, Juice How have the beverages for you. Maestros with a smoothie maker, the mixers here whip up a vast selection of fruit fusions, from celery, carrot, orange and pineapple juices through to healthy beetroot juices with a touch of apple. And their chocolate milk is divine as well.

  • 一草一木美味工坊: Taichung isn't short of coffee shops, but 一草一木美味工坊 is one of the best. When you need to order coffee online, their menu is the first place to look, with all of the lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, espressos and macchiatos anyone could need. And their matcha au lait offers a really nice alternative.

How to Order Beverages in Taichung from foodpanda

It doesn't matter whether you're hunting for the city's finest cappuccio or a perfectly mixed bubble tea, foodpanda makes ordering a drinks delivery as simple as can be. Our online platform allows you to browse local menus and order coffee online with a single click. Whenever and wherever you need a delivery, we can supply refreshing fruit juices or caffeinated masterpieces. Just log on, browse and place an order.

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