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Kaohsiung is hot, and there is no better way to refresh yourself than having a cold drink to feel chill and enjoy the city’s atmosphere. With restaurants, cafes, tea shops and fruit juice parlours located throughout Kaohsiung, foodpanda has partnered with several of these eateries to deliver your favourite beverage right at your doorstep quickly. Beverages in Kaohsiung ranges from iced coffee to bubble tea, fresh juice, colourful cocktails, beers, red and white wine and even strong drinks such as whiskey, vodkas and spirits.

Popular drinks delivery in Kaohsiung.

Our drinks delivery service is highly dependable and committed to bringing you what you need, as soon as you need it from a restaurant of your choice. With our foodpanda app you have instant access to a wide array of the local restaurants and takeaways. Drinks delivery is such a popular service in Kaohsiung due to the convenience it offers and enables you to sip on your favourite drink anytime. Whether you are after a bottle of wine to share with a loved one, beer for partying with friends or coffee with your workmates we have you covered.

  • At Chun Shui Tang teahouse you can delight in some bubble tea. It usually consists of creamy iced tea laden with chewy tapioca balls. The bubble milk tea can be paired with some bubble tea toast which has a crispy crust and sweetened pearls that melt in your mouth.
  • The Le Bistro D’Ours restaurant offers an extensive and most creative cocktail menu in Kaohsiung. The list entails delicious essential oil infused drinks based on flavours such as ginger, rosemary or pepper. The menu also separates other unique cocktails into mild, slightly tipsy, and smashed.
  • At My Cofi in Xiamen Street, Lingya District in Kaohsiung City, you can order coffee online via our foodpanda app. This café creates incredible 3D coffee latte versions of pictures that are sent in by customers.
    • How to order with foodpanda.

      Our foodpanda app is easy to use. Enter your postcode on the Web page to find a restaurant near you. A list of restaurants that deliver to your area will appear. Pick your preferred restaurant and browse its menu. Select the beverages you would like to order and if options are required such as chilled or hot choose them as well, all your drinks will appear on the cart. Click on order now button and enter the delivery address. Our payment options are flexible; you can either pay online or using cash on delivery. Then sit back, relax and wait for your drinks to be expediently delivered to you.

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