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Everyone loves a cakes delivery and you'll have lots of treats to choose from when you order with foodpanda. Pick any one of our featured restaurants and browse the menu for everything you need to create the perfect afternoon tea. Choose from a range of cakes and bakery goods like artisan bread, toast and sandwiches or opt for Chinese cakes, European bakery classics and Italian treats. You're always sure of finding the perfect cake, scone, bread or dessert, whatever the occasion. Donuts are always a hit, while elegant finger foods and deliciously chewy bagels are a great alternative to lunch.

Best/Popular cake and bakery restaurants in New Taipei City

Delicate crepes, delicious bagels, golden waffles and more cakes than you could imagine; New Taipei City is home to a host of original and exciting restaurants that we're delighted to feature on our foodpanda App. You can also order birthday cake online or search for special cakes for any occasion in just a few clicks. Discover great restaurants that have made cakes delivery their speciality on our foodpanda website.

  • Kara Kara Cafe - as well as popular bakery and cakes, this local establishment serves a fabulous honey and whipped cream waffle. You can also order from an extensive drinks list that includes freshly ground coffee and an impressive range of teas such as Apple Ceylon and Osmanthus Black tea.

  • Isaac Toast and Coffee: a stylish bakery that makes delicious toast, sandwiches and bagels at any time of day. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or supper, the menu includes the Isaac special toasted cheese and bacon bagel.

  • Cronutt - treat yourself to some of the best donuts in the city. Favourites like the Strawberry Cronutt, the Peanut Butter Cronutt, the Original and the Dark Chocolate Cronutt are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. And, of course, you don't have to brave the weather, just book your cakes delivery with foodpanda.

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It takes just a few seconds to order cakes or bakery goods with foodpanda. Just visit our website or use the handy App and click on the restaurant you prefer. Make your selections from the menu, pay securely and your order will be with you soon.

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