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At foodpanda, we've gathered together menus from all of Kaohsiung's finest bakeries and cake shops, making it easy for locals to order snacks, cakes and light bites whenever they like. If you need to organise a celebration at short notice, we've got the ideal solution. Using the foodpanda platform, you can browse every bakery menu in town and order a birthday cake online. Or you could just order pastries and coffees for a mid-morning snack. Either way, arranging a cakes delivery has never been easier.

Order a Cakes Delivery from Kaohsiung's Artisan Bakers

The people of Kaohsiung definitely have a sweet tooth, which is probably why locals have so many bakeries to choose from. Some specialise in nutty tart-style cakes, with plenty of icing layered on top to create a decadent result. Others offer delights like ganache tarts, while some specialise in celebrations, and are ideal places to order a birthday cake online. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Francis Ngooi: A true artisan bakery, Francis Ngooi's bakers are masters at creating light but delicious cake slices. If you need an Italian-style cheesecake, a slice of pumpkin tart or an American-influenced cranberry cream cheesecake, it's a fabulous place to look.

  • 艾薇手工坊: Local cake fans go nuts for the desserts on offer at 艾薇手工坊. That's because the chefs here specialise in conjuring up deliciously nutty cakes, where nuts like pecans and walnuts take centre stage. Be sure to check out their menu of larger cakes if you need to order a birthday cake online, as there are plenty of options to think about.

  • 東門茶樓 : 東門茶樓 offers something a little bit different. In their case, the centre of attention is a variety of soybean puddings. Choose plain varieties or add fruits like lemon or kumquat to liven things up. Or just opt for their rich chocolate ganache tart instead. It's almost irresistible.

How to Order a Cakes Delivery from foodpanda

Whether you're planning a birthday party or you want an evening treat, ordering cakes and other baked goods is easy with foodpanda. Our online and app-based ordering platform includes all of Kaohsiung's finest bakeries and provides access to a mouth-watering selection of sweets. So have a look at every menu, compare their cakes and place an order. In no time, some of the city's most delicious, decadent cakes will be on your plate.

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