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For foodies in New Taipei City, there’s nothing better than mouth-watering sushi. There are so many different options to choose from too. How about tuna, bream or salmon roe sushi? Why not ask the sushi chef if he has anything special that day which can be ordered online with us here at foodpanda? With its essential rice/vinegar mix, sushi is yummy and a great conversation starter especially when dining at home.

Best/popular restaurants of the cuisine in the city

Feeling hungry, check out the sushi menu at some of the best restaurants in New Taipei City. When ordering Asian food delivery with foodpanda, benefit from online discounts and very low delivery fees. Maybe you’re organising a business meal or an evening of dining delights with family and friends at home. Whatever the occasion, you can order a variety of sushi dishes from many of the city’s top restaurants such as Carnegie’s Taipei, the Diner or NCIS Sushi.

  • Popular Restaurant 1: Carnegie’s Taipei – enjoy delicious sushi cuisine and drinks from Carnegie’s, all at reasonable prices. There’s a full a la carte menu and business set lunches to choose from with tantalising sushi dishes always a firm favourite.

  • Popular Restaurant 2 : The Diner – this restaurant is renowned for satisfying appetites whether it’s breakfast, brunch or dinner. It’s also a top spot for foreigners as well as locals specialising in Asian cuisine and western delights.

  • Popular Restaurant 3 : NCIS Sushi – located in Shida night market NCIS Sushi is the real deal. There’s an expansive English as well as Chinese menu including hand rolls, veggie rolls and a great choice of sushi dishes.

How to order sushi online with foodpanda* & conclusion

Order sushi online in Taipei via foodpanda. There’s no need for a trip to Japan to savour the best and most authentic sushi taste. With a fusion of new ingredients, techniques and flavours of fresh fish, rice, seaweed and even egg, Asian food delivery has never been easier. Eating sushi is fun whether you’re using chopsticks or your fingers. Dip it into soy sauce and add a little wasabi. You don’t have to wander around the city, just browse online and order through our platform. Before you know it, your sushi meal will be on its way with foodpanda’s reliable delivery service. Sushi makes the perfect hors d’oeuvre, so place an order today through foodpanda. It couldn't be easier.

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