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It's time to get a delicious New Taipei City food delivery

Whether you are craving Taiwanese hotpot or seeking some picture perfect sushi for your lunch, hankering after pizza, or just seeking a combination of bubble tea and baked goods to entertain your friends, your dream New Taipei City food delivery could be on its way to you in no time. New Taipei City chefs are poised and ready to create sweets, salads, bento and more for all of those hungry diners so order online today and get ready to tuck in.

Why you should only order online with foodpanda

If you like your food delivered fast, and of guaranteed high quality, then foodpanda is the only online ordering platform that you need to know about. We make ordering so quick and simple - you can order online on our website in a few clicks. If you have a smartphone, moreover, you can use our app to summon up a New Taipei City food delivery whether you are sitting on the train or fiddling with your phone under the desk at work. All of the restaurant that you will see on the foodpanda site have been carefully tested and selected for their quality so you can be sure that you will always get a great tasting meal with us. Finally, our deliveries are always brought to you very quickly: we always try and deliver to your door in less than half an hour, which is just enough time to find some cutlery or decide which film to watch with your meal.

A quick overview of fabulous places to eat in New Taipei City

New Taipei City has eateries for everyone, but some of them are especially popular. Yoshinoya is perfect for sushi lovers, for instance, whilst lovers of a lunchtime salad and sandwich combo will tend to gravitate towards places like 3PM. If you want some classic all American fast food, then we suggest you check out somewhere like Gatsby's but if it's traditional or contemporary Taiwanese cuisine that you are after, then never fear - there are dozens of delectable restaurants cooking up a storm in New Taipei City.

Want to be a trend setter, or ready to follow the trends? Popular food to order online in this city.

Taiwanese food is definitely top of the list for many New Taipei City food delivery orders. But after that we have a plethora of international flavours, including Japanese fare, US style burgers, and scrumptious baked goods which are great as afternoon snacks or as an indulgent breakfast. Follow the trends and go with the flow by ordering from one of these culinary traditions. Or maybe you want to break the mould and explore other options for food in the city, such as finger foods and fusion cuisine. From Dim Sum to pasta, it's all there, waiting for you to make your choice.